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20 Best WordPress Plugins for your Websites in 2022

The ultimate list of must-have WordPress plugins every WordPress developer should know when building up their WordPress websites.

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How to Uninstall WordPress Plugins completely with Shortcode

Most bloggers do not know the right way to uninstall wordpress plugins

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What is wordpress plugin ? How to install WordPress plugin in 4 easy methods?

WordPress Plugin is a small software that adds new features to WordPress software.

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Top 10 Best WordPress themes for free 2022

Top 10 Best WordPress themes for free 2022. 10 themes that I think you're really going to like now many

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Difference between Blogger and WordPress | Best blogging platform in 2022

Friends in the coming year of 2022 what is better for you? WordPress or Blogger Let's find out. I have

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7 Mistakes a beginner WordPress users should avoid

Here I'll tell you about 7 mistakes beginner WordPress users make in hopes to save you from making them yourself.

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How to create a custom permalink structure for your WordPress site and Why

  Custom permalinks in blogging is an essential part of SEO. It helps search engine to understand your content. Wordpress

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How to install WordPress manually in 5 minutes

Unlike using the installer that does practically everything for you, it is possible to install WordPress on your own. It

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